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What We Value

What are core values that collective members have individually? How can they exist together as shared-values to inform the work of power-building?


  • Solutions come from many places - special attention to ancestral wisdom

  • When we work together we can do more

  • Our work is an accompaniment, shoulder to shoulder with the experiences of the people most directly affected by the issues. We are not top-down or coming in with other elements that don’t support.

  • Interconnectedness is crucial

  • Clarity

  • Trust

  • Uplifting voices and experiences/issues of the people most affected by the experiences/issues

  • Creativity

  • Honoring our different experiences

  • Honoring individual identities within a collective

  • Respect

  • Honoring how people identify themselves - pronoun use, terminology, etc.

  • Comfortable leaning into discomfort

  • Safety/Security

  • Respect for other people’s values - even if some moral perspectives are not aligned, we will still respect and work together toward collective power.

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