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We are a collaborative of community organizations and concerned people on Long Island who have committed to working together for a better life that we imagine - now and in the future. One that is empowered, fair, and just across all Long Island communities.




#WeAreLongIsland grew out of the Good Neighbors Initiative funded by the Long Island Community Foundation (and other funders below) to build local power on Long Island in pursuit of statewide civic engagement and social justice agendas that echo the rising demand for equity in one of New York’s most segregated regions.

The Problem

It is time to undo harm caused by all oppression. It’s time to uplift suppressed voices and address the needs of those not prioritized. For too long, centers of power here have isolated us and systematically separated us from each other. That gives space for oppression and neglect.

& Neglect?

When immigrants are not welcome, or there is blatant racism, that’s oppression. If you look around, you’ll see countless examples of islamophobia, anti-semetism, homophobia, transphobia, and people separating all types of communities in ways that suppress voices and needs.

The Solution

It is time for all of us to change that. 


We imagine a Long Island where everyone thrives - and we know it’s possible. It is time to undo harm and change the false narrative that perpetuates it. It is time for a Long Island that acknowledges and supports the fully diverse tapestry of people in this place we call home.

We Are
Long Island!

We have come together as a movement to combine our power and raise a collective voice for a better Long Island for everyone. We are an unstoppable force of solidarity. We are aligning our values and addressing common issues. We commit to this vision together.


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